Christmas day bimble.
Christmas day bimble.

Christmas day bimble.

After being stuffed to the gills with turkey I took my dad on a little bimble to the local woods I camp in. We were glad we didn’t have full kit with us as the wind was howling on the walk in. It a long open road to get there and we were being buffeted about alot.

Once we got in the the shelter of the wood the wind dropped completely for us though when you looked up the canopy was swaying lots.

We got to my usual camping spot and broke out the stoves. We both have crusader stoves so we had a bit of a race to see who would get a brew first. My Dad’s crusader stove is one of the black ones whilst mine was the plain metal version. I had the small round fuel tablets and my Dad used the larger square ones. The race was on.  Both seemed to heat quite quickly but the black stove won. Think this was down the to better fuel tablets, may have to get some of them.

Behind where we were sitting was a fallen branch and growing on it was quite a collection of Jelly Ear fungus Auricularia auricula-judae 

Whilst enjoying our coffee I saw this collection (what the collective noun for Ladybirds?) of Ladybirds on a part of the camp fire heat reflector. Not sure if they hibernate for winter but I don’t remember seeing them around at Christmas time before.

As we walked out of the woods we found these Trooping Funnel fungi. Infundibulicybe geotropa

Mora for scale

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