Pocket Widgy Pry Bar
Pocket Widgy Pry Bar

Pocket Widgy Pry Bar

Just got a Pocket Widgy Pry Bar to go in my EDC and to use at work. Have to say I’m very impressed with it so far. It has excelled at the job I got it for, prying PSUs out of very old PC’s. They are meant to be quick release and probably are if they weren’t covered in 10 years of crud and dust.

Back to the pry bar:

When Uncle Sam requested a small pocket pry bar for technicians to open ordinance crates in the field, we offered these as the solution. These compact bars are 4″ x .5″, heat treated D-9 steel and provide a common sense solution to broken knife blades and bent screw driver shafts.


Coins are for an idea of scale.
I got mine of e-bay as it was cheaper.

I have wrapped mine in some cord so its a bit easier on the hands and so I have some handy cord if needed. Not to sure what I would use it for in the woods but its fairly light and think it could come in useful.

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