Weihrauch HW77k – work so far.
Weihrauch HW77k – work so far.

Weihrauch HW77k – work so far.

My first job was going to be to clean up the stock as it seems to shoot quite nice at the moment so for the time being I have no plans to put any tuning kits in it.

I removed the stock from the action and then removed the pistol grip plate and the recoil pad.  Then I stripped the varnish off it using Nitromors and wirewool. This got the stock back to the original wood.

At this point I noticed a crack in the stock running from the recoil pad towards the trigger. It wasn’t very big so I filled it with super glue then sanded the excess glue once it had dried.

Next was the Danish oil, I gave the whole stock a coat, wiped off the excess and let it dry. I then repeated this for the next 6 days so in total giving it 7 coats. Looks really nice now.

Think I’m going to leave the original iron sights on it and not put a scope on this rifle as it looks to good as it is. This does mean I’m going to have a get another air rifle so I can have a go at HFT.

Due to my phone playing up I have lost the pictures I took of the work I did on the HW77k.
I do have this one of it.
Was a great Sunday morning down at the range.

Yes it has a scope on it at the moment, but that will come off once I get another air rifle. An Air Arms S400 or S410 might be on the go, then I put the iron sights back on the HW77k and enjoy it they way it was meant to be used.

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