First remote HF usage
First remote HF usage

First remote HF usage

I had man a check point for a Scout Incident Hike, i figured whilst I was there I might get chance to use my radio in the down time between scouts passing the checkpoint

I set up a shelter against the wall in-case of bad weather first and then put up a SOTABeams tactical mini mast, 20/40 M dipole, 2M SlimJim and the Scout Flag!  Connected the antennas to my FT-818 and had a listen on 20M.

A few Scouts came past before I had chance to transmit, but when I did i got a contact!  My first HF contact! DL8BFV on 14.260Mhz

After that I didn’t get any more contacts on HF so I tried 2M. Could hear a local club at an event but it seemed no one could hear me. You win some, you loose some.

The weather changed and it hailed! Thank goodness I had rigged a shelter.

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