May camp
May camp

May camp

Finally got round to organising a camping trip this year. The plan was to go to the normal wood we user but to walk to it instead of driving like normal. This time would be the first time my Dad came out camping in the woods with us, he was bring a mate Mike along as well. It would also be the first time both of them had ever slept in a hammock.
After a quick final sort out of the kit we set off walking. It’s not to far to the woods but when your not used to carrying all your kit it can be a bit of a slog.

Finally made it to the woods and I helped my dad set up his new Hennessey Explorer and got the rest of the camp in order

We got the rest of the camp in order, whilst Mike got the fire going like a pro.

We had great evening and the hammock virgins really enjoyed sleeping hanging from the trees.

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