Raspberry Pi – Hotspot
Raspberry Pi – Hotspot

Raspberry Pi – Hotspot

 I’m setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 to use as part of my field radio setup.

The Pi is connect to the Yaseu 857D to give cat control. Also plugged in to the Pi is a GPS dongle so i can get the correct time and a SignaLink Box so i can do digital modes easily . 

The Pi is set up when it cannot connect to its know networks it created a hotspot to allow me to connect my tablet to and then use VNC to manage the pi.  I thought about using a laptop but decided that it would need extra power, whilst the PI and tablet can be run off a USB battery pack. (they will in future run of the battery box)

The instructions to set up the Pi Hotspot can be found here https://www.raspberryconnect.com/projects/65-raspberrypi-hotspot-accesspoints/158-raspberry-pi-auto-wifi-hotspot-switch-direct-connection 

and the instructions for the GPS …….

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